What does application sent to PFMS for payment mean in NSP

What does application sent to PFMS for payment mean in NSP

Post uploaded on 20 April, 2023

Dear Viewers today in this article you will get all information regarding NSP scholarship Amount. Check Complete Details below.

What does application sent to PFMS for payment mean in national Scholarship portal

After Verified your NSP Application at school/ institute/ College level and District/State/UT Level etc.

Note:- Ministry of Minority Affairs will release the scholarship amount, only if your application is verified and approved by all verification authorities. In case, your application is rejected by any of the concerned authority due to any reason, you will not get the scholarship amount.

NSP 2022-23: what does it mean that "Scholarship Amount Processed from NSP to PFMS"

If your Application is successfully verified by all Verification authorities, and your NSP status shows “yes” for “Selected for Scholarship/Merit List” then check whether your Scholarship Amount has been Processed from NSP to PFMS or not and if it shows “yes” then it means your Scholarship Amount has been sent to PFMS & you can now trace your payment from pfms where u will find how much amount has been sanctioned from nsp. Now you can expect the scholarship amount to be credited to your account.. No more steps are left.

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How can I check whether the amount of my scholarship is credited in my bank account or not?

Now the question arises that if my NSP status shows “Yes” for “Processed scholarship amount from NSP to PFMS“, Then how can I check whether my scholarship amount has been credited to my bank account or not?. Simply You may check the NSP amount status on PFMS portal i.e. www.pfms.nic.in under “ Track your NSP Payment ” option on the home page.

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